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Sempione park © Comune di Milano
Sempione park © Comune di Milano
Sempione park © Comune di Milano
The Bridge of the Sirenette © Comune di Milano

Parco Sempione
Sempione Park


via Pagano 20100 Milan
Entrances: Via Pagano, Via Bertani, Piazza Castello, Viale Elvezia, Viale Milton, Viale Gladio, Viale Alemagna and Viale Legnano.


January and February: 6:30am-8:00pm
March and April: 6:30am-9:00pm
May: 6:30am-10:00pm
From June to September: 6:30am-11:30pm
October: 6:30am-9:00pm
November and December: 6:30am-8:00pm


Admission free





At Parco Sempione, the things that you can do are virtually never-ending.
You can visit the Triennale, or just sit at the tables of its bar and enjoy the works of art outside in the natural setting.

Those in search of excitement can go to the top of Torre Branca and enjoy the view over the city, or feel dwarfed by the Arco della Pace.

Those who cannot be separated from their “net”, even when they are in the shadow of pines and shrubs, can use the internet, by means of the Wi-Fi coverage in the park.

Sportier individuals can run, use the fitness circuit, cycle, play football, frisbee and basketball.

For the very young, there is a large play area, with swings, slides, and rope climbing nets. In addition, there are merry-go-rounds, a train ride, electric go-karts, and a roller skating rink.

This is not all, because there is also the largest of the entrances to the park: the Castello Sforzesco, with all that it offers, its courtyards and museums.
And in the evening, music and aperitifs at Bar Bianco!


Emilio Alemagna’s design concept (1891-1894) was for a large landscaped park, with streams, tracks, and miniature hills such as Monte Tordo, designed to create a perspective link between the Castle and the Arch of Peace, the so-called “telescope”.

The park is named after the road that leads from the Cathedral, through the Arch of Peace, and on to the Simplon (Sempione) pass in the Alps.

    There are many interesting works in the park, such as “Musical accumulation” by Armand Pierre Fernandez, known as Arman, and the “Mysterious baths” by Giorgio De Chirico. The countless trees include some truly monumental specimens, such as an elm on the belvedere opposite the statue of Napoleon III, and a horse chestnut near the bridge named “Ponte delle Sirenette”.

    The Mysterious Baths

    To use the wireless network in the park, you just have to have a laptop or another device fitted with WiFi, and collect the free registration card at the distribution points in the park. The card has a duration of three hours.