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Ambrosian Carnival © Andrea Scuratti
Ambrosian Carnival © Andrea Scuratti
Ambrosian Carnival © Andrea Scuratti
Ambrosian Carnival 2012

Ambrosian Carnival 2012

From 02/21/2012 to 02/25/2012


The last Carnival in Milan was celebrated  from March 10th -12th, 2011 and the climax of the festival was the colourful Shrove Saturday parade that started from via Palestro and wound along corso Venezia, piazza San Babila and corso Vittorio Emanuele, ending up in piazza del Duomo. The legendary Meneghino, Cecca and F.O.M. (Milanese parish recreation) groups paraded alongside new entries, including an important representation from the Carnival of Viareggio and personalities from the world of animation.


The date for this year’s carnival has been fixed for February 21st – 25th. The city centre will play a major role but also the piazzas of more outlying areas of Milan will stage attractions to enhance the traditional fun-loving spirit of this festival. There will be performances by street artists alongside participation from the integrated multi-ethnic groups of the city. So, not only the usual popular gathering spaces like piazza Duomo, piazza Mercanti and piazza Beccaria will be involved but also the more decentralized areas of the city will join in the fun, with the cooperation of the local councils.


Saturday, February 25th, 2012
A colourful procession of carnival floats, starting out at 3:00pm from via Arcivescovado, will parade around piazza del Duomo arriving back in via Arcivescovado at 5:00pm.
Jukebox is the theme for the procession of 7-8 floats selected by FOM (Foundation for Milanese Parish Recreation) with about 500 participants (all in one costume).
In addition to animation offered by other parish groups, as a tradition, FOM animators will distribute small gifts to children spectators along the route.
Upon arrival in the piazza there will be a brief moment of entertainment with music and all children present will be offered a hot snack.
In the Shrove Saturday parade on February 25th entertainment will be provided by the Meneghina Theatre Company. The Cecca and Meneghino masks will lead the carnival parade aboard a white float. Also attending will be: a group of bearers and trumpeters carrying the City of Milan banner and Ensigns bearers of banners for the city doors of historical Mediolanum, representatives in Renaissance costume from the City of Milan Historical Group.


Also participating will be a Noah’s Ark float decorated by the Villaperta Association from the Quarto Oggiaro district, the theme this year is: The Prophecy of the Maya Bee, 2012: the ‘best ever’ Carnival.
- Milan Clown Festival 2012: international festival with special emphasis on New Clowns and Street Theatre held in the Isola district and other locations in Milan from 22nd- 25th February.


- "Arlecchino servitore di due padroni" (Harlequin, Servant of Two Masters) by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Ferruccio Soleri. February 24th, entrance-invite to be picked up on February 16th.


-The People’s Carnival, 2012
“Perchè fare festa insieme, c'è più senso.” (Let’s party together, it makes more sense!)
In piazza San Fedele “A misura di bambine e di bambini!” (Fun for boys and Girls!)
In piazza Scala "Il mondo insieme", (All the world Together - traditional African dances).
In piazza Beccaria "Suggestioni d'Asia", (A taste of Asia. When the sun rises in the piazza).
In piazza Affari "Non solo circo" (A Circus and lots more fun!).
In piazza Cairoli "Madre Terra mamma Africa" ( Mother Earth, Mother Africa).
In piazza Santo Stefano “Dal gusto latinoamericano”, (Latin American dancing and music).
In piazza Duomo "Spettacolo di capoeira d'Angola" (Brazilian martial arts show).


-Atelier and fashion collections at the  Castello Sforzesco "Donne, arte, moda, design, fotografia: un itinerario tra collezioni storiche e creatività contemporanea." (Women, art, fashion, design, photography: historical costumes and contemporary creativity). Organised by the Chamber of Fashion and the Municipality of Milan.

-"Priscilla, the queen of the desert. From Broadway to Milan, fashion puts on a show", Saturday, February 25th at 1:30pm.

-Fashion House in piazzetta Liberty. Organised by Mondadori and the Municipality of Milan February 22nd -26th.