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Specialized schools and Corporate University

Specialized Schools

Istituto Marangoni © Comune di Milano
Sectors that are in continuous evolution are always seeking new professional figures and require training institutes that are highly qualified to instruct in many various spheres. These schools are workshops of talent for professionals that operate in sectors of excellence.
The course offer is comprehensive with academies and schools of music, dance, cinema, theatre, new media, languages and fine arts that compete amongst themselves for excellence and to offer the most diverse teaching methods.

These are schools with a long tradition and over time they have developed new teaching styles to respond to the needs of the market. They are able to interpret the present trends and translate them into ideas in a continuous exchange of experiences with the “real life” of the metropolis.

In the Italian capital of fashion, there is certainly no shortage of exceptional schools of high education, for fashion and design, for example, which teach the whole process of realisation of a garment, from the conception of the idea to the sketch and from the pattern to the packaged product.

There are also many schools whose objective is to promote advanced professionalism in strategic sectors, such as environmental energy, and they make use of competencies abroad and a highly qualified teaching staff.

Attendance for students that choose specialist schools and Corporate Universities represents an excellent employment opportunity.