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This city, vivacious and curious, offers thousands of cultural and entertainment opportunities. The Milanese love cinema. In many venues around the city, such as Spazio Oberdan, the seat of the Italian cinetheque, and the Gnomo Cinema, many cinematographic events are organised, including retrospectives of various genres, dedicated to different themes and the best directors.

Film showings in original language are a regular occasion, such as those at the Anteo Cinema. In the month of September, the “Venice. Le vie del cinema. I film di Venezia” finds a venue here in which to showcase the films of the Venice Film Festival for lovers of the seventh art. Meanwhile there is no shortage of possibilities to assist with the projection of art-house films.

For lovers of literature, there are numerous book presentations with the authors in attendance.
Often, to enjoy oneself, it is enough to take a stroll. For all, big and small, the street festivals, with their games and stalls, are the opportunity to rediscover the antique traditions of the district. The small markets, on the other hand, are greatly appreciated by collectors of rare and curious pieces, that love to pass their time browsing antiques of all types, such as books, modern collection pieces, coins, stamps ethnic antiques and vintage clothing.

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