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In Milan, expression and creativity in all its forms assume a decisive role and come to life in paintings, photographs and installations. Prestigious academies have been established and the city seeks to promote new talents and emerging artists. Inside its numerous museums and art galleries, foundations and associations, Milan offers a rich heritage of art and culture.
Numerous exhibitions, art events and expositions all rotate around the city, for example exhibitions on the Scapigliatura, an artistic-literary movement born in Milan. Just listing them you find yourself immersed in a dimension of colour, shape and raw materials of history and creativity.
There are exhibitions dedicated to futurism, to the genius of Caravaggio and his realist paintings, and exhibition itineraries of international artists, such as Monet and Tamara de Lempicka, held in the exhibition rooms of Brera, the Poldi Pezzoli Museum or the Palazzo Reale. Rediscover contemporary, digital and installation art through the innovative exhibitions at the Pavilion of Contemporary Art or the Triennale. A large calendar of art events hosted in splendid and modern locations.

Chosen for you

Robert Capa in Italy 1943-1944

Until April 26th, Spazio Oberdan


From seeds to the plate. Natural History Museum, until June 28th

David Bailey

Stardust: 300 photos at PAC until June 2nd