Fontana in Piazza San Babila
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"The mountains, lakes and rivers of Lombardy" fountain in Piazza San Babila

General information

Piazza San Babila is characterized by the presence of a fountain built in 1997 by the architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni in conjunction with the Ente Fiera Milano. Upon entering into the piazza from Corso Vittorio Emanuele II the fountain is immediately visible; it is a truncated red stone pyramid with a large oval placed at its apex. The water glides down the smooth walls of the stylized mountain to fill the round basin below. Towards the middle of the piazza the water reappears in a large tub enclosed by a balustrade and to the sides there are artificial mounds surrounded by green. The multifaceted structure of the fountain evokes the beauty of the waters of the Lombardy region and its complex orographic-geographical features.
As a symbol of the Alpine foothills, the mountains contiguous to Milan, the monument is made of granite from Val Masino, Val Gerla, Baveno and Montorfano. The architect’s intention was to symbolically recreate the Lombard ecosystem with the waters that flow from the mountains through the great lakes to the Po plain.

Anecdotes and curiosities

The fountain in Piazza San Babila has often been ridiculed by Milan who have satirically nicknamed it "pudding" or "panettone" or even scopett del cess (toilet brush).



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