Palazzo della Posta houses Milan's post office
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Post Office (ex Stock Exchange)

General information

The building is situated in Piazza Cordusio, in the heart of Milan, and was built in 1901 as the original headquarters of the Stock Exchange, central economic hub of the city.

Constructed by the architect Luigi Broggi who had created it towards the end of the 19th century, the imposing façade of the palazzo is the most interesting feature from an architectural point of view: the door is curvilinear and has four columns.

Above the two central columns the pediment holds two allegoric statues depicting Mercury, symbol of commerce and Labour, the work of Achille Alberti.

The architect of this eclectic style palazzo adopted architectonic solutions that favor the style and materials of the late sixteenth century: pilasters, columns, pediments and decorative membranes.

Also the material used for the construction refers to this period: in fact the use of Finalmarina stone for the pilasters, the eaves and the columns is typical of certain sixteenth century palazzos. 

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The front of the palazzo with the two allegoric statues depicting Commerce and Labour. The wrought iron gate at the top of the entrance stairway.

Anecdotes and curiosities

The palazzo was officially inaugurated by Vittorio Emanuele III in October 1901 during his first visit as King of Italy, after the regicide of Umberto I in Monza.

Whilst the exterior has been conserved thanks to frequent restorations, the interior was dramatically altered in 1976. Other changes were carried out in 1981-82.

Since the ‘30s it has housed the Central Post Office.

Useful details

The building can be reached with the M1 (Red line – Cordusio stop) and M3 (Yellow line – Duomo stop).


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        Admission free from Monday to Saturday

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