Energy sources: from energy to useful work
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Energy resources

End of 20th century

This fascinating section of the museum presents a series of experiments that utilize different resources to transform energy into useable power. It is designed to help visitors discover the secrets of the different types of energy that we use every day.

A new section of the museum tells the story of petroleum, from its initial extraction in the depths of the earth all the way to the consumer. It is part of the first experiment of a renewal project that will progressively involve the whole “Energy and Metals” department.

The thermoelectric power station, unveiled in 1895 and named after Queen Margherita, is now on display at the museum. King Umberto I and Margherita were present at the ceremony and for the event, over 2,000 workers - mostly women – wore apron-uniforms bearing the name of the company.

The power station, which was installed in the silk factory of Egidio and Pio Gavazzi in Desio (near Milan), supplied electricity for lighting the work areas and powering the 1,800 looms.

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