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The Last Supper

Gaudenzio Ferrari - Circa 1525

Visitors to the Church of Santa Maria della Passione, one of the most amazing monuments to Milan’s late Renaissance period, will find invaluable artistic treasures housed inside.

One of them is the altarpiece by Guadenzio Ferrari, whose work in both Piedmont and Lombardy testifies to an artistic style that was anchored in the people's experience of faith – the figures of Sacred Mountain of Varallo (Sacro Monte di Varallo) or the fresco of the cupola at the Saronno Sanctuary (Milan) come to mind, for instance.

The mark he left in this church on a little side street, which is actually in the centre of the city only a short distance from the Palazzo di Giustizia (Hall of Justice), represents the summation of all of the many and varied elements that made up his artistic experience. This Mannerist artwork of great expressive vitality fused Lombardy's naturalistic tradition with the clear influence of Dürer.

The “Last Supper”, which is situated in the left-hand transept of the church, is considered to be one of the most famous paintings in Milan.

An original feature of this work consists in the lengthways arrangement of the table, especially when compared with Da Vinci’s arrangement.

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