Flavours and Tastes - Michetta
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Empty or stuffed, sweet or salty, the michetta has an easily recognisable taste, that of genuineness and tradition. It is a typical puffy panini that is usually empty inside and has a star-like shape. It is defined as the bread of the Milanese, called the “rosetta” in Rome, and is famous throughout the world gastronomy scene.

A widespread theory attributes the invention of this bread to the officials of the Austro-Hungarian emperor, who ruled over Lombardy and brought to Milan in 1713 the “kaisersemmel”, a small panini of about 50 to 90 grams. From here the Milanese obtained the famous michetta, eliminating some of the bread inside and in this way, creating a light and fragrant Panini.

Its name has origins in the Latin term “mica” which means crumb. Perfect at the table or on a picnic, this panini has obtained the assurance of controlled origin that the municipality confers upon characteristic recipes.

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