Thematic itinerary: House Museums, when a dwelling becomes art
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The House Museums

Itinerary description

The historic house-museums were originally personal family homes, however, thanks to the foresight of their inhabitants/collectors - who were famous or unknown, noble or poor - they become precious museums. These aptly named house-museums narrate the personal, social, economic, dynastic, collecting and entrepreneurial stories of their inhabitants and, therefore, also the history, culture, society and the landscape of the territory to which they are closely rooted. 

The Circuit of Historic House Museums of Milan was created in 2008: a city museum network with the aim of promoting the historical, cultural and artistic Milanese heritage through its protagonists’ past lives. The house museums comprised in the circuit (Poldi Pezzoli, Bagatti Valsecchi, Boschi Di Stefano and Villa Necchi Campiglio) are historic houses belonging to Lombard families. The evocative interiors re-enact the past with traditional furnishings of the era; they showcase precious treasures such as paintings, pottery, furniture and gold and silver objects.  Inimitable collections of cultural heritage which the inhabitants amassed during their lives and that have been generously donated to the city.


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