Street view: observing the city of Milan from above.
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The beauty of the Monumental Cemetery on Google Street View

Thanks to Google Street View, from Sunday 1st November 2015, you can take a virtual stroll along the avenues of the Monumental Cemetery in Milan.

Street View, the Google Maps technology that lets you explore the world through 360-degree panoramic photographs taken at street level, has immortalized the beauty of the Monumental Cemetery and made it available to its users. This initiative is a wonderful opportunity to discover the architectural and artistic treasures of the city’s most important 'open-air museum'.

Thanks to Google Street View you can admire the works of this priceless collective cultural heritage, designed by the architect Carlo Maciachini and opened in 1866; it contains within the history of the city and its artistic life, from Realism and eclecticism to Liberty and Symbolism up to the contemporary age.

It just takes a few clicks to admire masterpieces of sculpture - like Antonio Canova’s monument to Maria Christina of Austria - and to be amazed by the architecture of the great masters of the 1800s and 1900s such as Piero Portaluppi, Giuseppe Sommarguga and Giò Ponti who experimented with the representation of temporal and spiritual spatiality.

You can opt to end the virtual tour with a visit to the Famedio memorial chapel, the Pantheon of illustrious men and women of the city where some of Milan’s esteemed figures are laid to rest, such as Alessandro Manzoni, Carlo Cattaneo, the Nobel Prize Winner Salvatore Quasimodo and the painter Francesco Hayez up to the artists of our century, such as Franca Rame and Enzo Jannacci.

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