In the heart of Milan: discover the city through the Navigli
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Navigating along Leonardo’s Navigli

One can choose to navigate the Navigli (canals) for a few leisurely hours or an entire day admiring a myriad of landscapes along the way. The boat trips proceed by bicycle or by horse drawn carriage along naturalistic and historical paths with a pause to satisfy the palate with local wines and typical dishes like risotto, cheese and the famous salami.

Traveling along the Navigli is a wonderful way to discover the traditions and the artistic beauty of the land and, above all, perfect for emerging oneself in uncontaminated beauty.
The itineraries:
- Itinerario delle Conche (Canal basins)
- Itinerario delle Delizie (Gastronomy)
- Itinerario della Martesana

- Itinerario dei fontanili

- Intinerario del Ticino
The service has 3 options:
- Tourist packages: routes linked to excursions of half a day or an entire day. As well as the navigation there are itineraries that allow the visitor to fully enjoy the territory, its historical and artistic beauty and local gastronomic specialties.
- Pre booked programmes: fixed routes and timetable.
- Private and evening bookings: it is possible to rent different types of boats for events, meetings and parties choosing one of the itineraries available.


Navigli Lombardi s.c.a.r.l.
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Navigare in Lombardia 
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