Torre Branca: a scenic point in the city of Milan
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Torre Branca - Branca Tower

General information

The Torre Branca (Branca Tower) is a building of special steel pipes that is found within the Parco Sempione near the Palazzo dell’Arte, headquarters of the Triennale. The building is a pyramid with a hexagonal base, and it was designed by Gio Ponti, and inaugurated in 1933, in celebration of the 5th Triennale, with the name “Torre Littoria.” It was also known as Torre del Parco. 

The modern lift within the tower allows people to ride to the top in less than one minute. On clear days, from the 18,5-meter-wide platform, you can see a nice portion of the Lombard plains, the Alps, and the Apennines, in addition to the entire Milanese skyline. 

In 1972 it was declared unfit for use, not for its structural integrity, but rather for problems regarding the lift’s acceleration. 

After an important renovation at the expense of the Distillery of the Branca Brothers, from which the tower received its current name, the tower became newly accessible in 1997, and has accepted visitors since 2002. 


Don't miss

A panorama that encompasses Palazzo Reale, Castello Sforzesco (Sforza Castle), the cathedral and Via Dante can be enjoyed, along with a view of the skyline of Milan, from the 15th floor of the skyscraper Terazza Martini (Piazza Diaz).


Anecdotes and curiosities

The hexagonal structure at 90 metres height has a diameter of over 5 metres.

Benito Mussolini decreed that the Tower should not exceed the height of the spire topped by the “Madonnina” (108.50 metres), because, as he said, “human exploits should not exceed the Divine.”

Useful details

Torre Branca can be reached by bus 61, tram 1, and Metro lines 1 and 2 at Cadorna station.

The tower is closed for visits in case of bad weather.

From mid-May, on some days the tower opens in the evening as well.


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