Dina Galli: an example of elegant, extravagant comedy
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Dina Galli

Artist - Milano 16/12/1877 - Roma 04/03/1951


Dina Galli was born in 1877 in Milan where a street has been named in her honour. She was a subtle, refined, and ironic actress in both theatre and cinema, and excelled in improvisation. She appeared in various theatres including the Filodrammatici.

She played roles that were sometimes audacious but never in bad taste. She interpreted a “Milanesity” which has now disappeared, and was referred to by the Milanese expression “la Dina”. An Italian postage stamp (170 lire) was dedicated to her memory on the 100th anniversary of her birth.

Anecdotes and curiosities

In 1798 the Società del Teatro Patriottico was granted the deconsecrated church of San Damiano alla Scala for conversion into a theatre. The architect Canonica was assigned the project and the Teatro dei Filodrammatici was completed in 1800.

The work was financed by the Municipality of Milan, the Cisalpine Republic, the sale of four church bells, and the gathering of subscriptions. In 1805, a school of dramatic art was founded and the Società del Teatro Patriottico became the Accademia dei Filodrammatici.

The current architecture that dates from the 20th century is the result of various restoration interventions performed over the years. The theatre can accommodate an audience of 200, and is equipped with a simultaneous translation system, rear projection filming, direct video link-up with the Academy, and the latest technical stage equipment.

The ex-pupils who manage the theatre founded the Compagnia Stabile del Teatro Filodrammatici. Located alongside the Scala Opera House, the theatre is used for theatrical productions, congresses, art exhibitions and events.

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