Getting around easily
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Moving around easily

Milan offers various alternatives for getting from one point in the city to another. There is a network of buses, trams and metropolitana (subway) available to travelers. The lines of the metropolitana connect different parts of the metropolis, even connecting it to the farthest outskirts of the city.

Besides the most comfortable and traditional modes of transport, such as taxis, it is possible to move around using alternative transport. District Radiobus allow the passenger to request a bus service by phoning. The passenger is then collected directly and taken to their chosen destination.
With car sharing, managed by a few organisations in Milan, the passenger is able to pick up a vehicle, use it and then later return it to one of the various parking areas present in the city. Otherwise, those interested in the city’s bike sharing, can hire a bicycle and then return it when they are finished. It is simply a matter of purchasing a daily, monthly or annual pass. The pass can be activated using the internet site. 

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