Digital islands
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Digital islands

There are 27 Isole digitali (Digital Islands) in the city that provide a number of hi-tech services for citizens and tourists. Users can plug in to recharge electronic devices and connect to the municipal free Wi Fi service. 

The islands are at:

Porta Venezia | Amendola Fiera | Gioia M2 | Hoepli | Loreto Argentina | Pagano | Cadorna | Centrale FS | V Giornate | Porta Vittoria | Cusani | XXV Aprile | Università Bocconi | Sant’Agostino | Bisceglie | Bande Nere Orsini | Bovisa | Certosa | Famagosta | Imbonati | Lambrate | Larga UniMi | Leonardo da Vinci | Medaglie d'oro | Monza Precotto | Niguarda | Segrino 


The services available are as follows:

The Milanese Public Network provides the Comune di Milano Wi Fi connection.
The outdoor wireless network is free and enables users to navigate outdoors with any Wi Fi device in the areas covered by the service.
The service is constantly evolving and will cover an increasing number of city areas.

Free, convenient and easy-to-use charging docks are positioned next to the Digital Island benches to connect and recharge any device.

Each Digital Island provides a charging bar for electric vehicles: some are reserved for the EQ Sharing service and others are left free for access and recharging of private electric vehicles.

The "intelligent lighting" device is an element of street furniture that adopts the latest LED technologies to ensure efficient street lighting and substantial energy saving.
The unit is equipped with an electronic ballast that can adjust the light output by acting directly on the current that powers the LEDs of the optical unit.
These features are activated by the camera that adapts to the presence of pedestrian movement.

The video surveillance points are all inserted in the Integrated System for Urban Traffic Management and Control and are linked 24/ 7 to the Piazza Beccaria Local Police Headquarters Central Office.
The camera offers outstanding image quality thanks to HD resolution and it is equipped with a "motion detection" system that pilots the support lighting of the digital island. 

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