Thematic tour: a cycling holiday in Milan
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Milan by bicycle

Itinerary description

Milan is greener than you would ever think. Walking around you can readily come across trees, flower beds and gardens tucked away between the city buildings. A bicycle is the ideal way to enjoy these oases of green.  And thanks to “bike sharing," everyone has easy access to an ecological way to get around. Map in hand, the path starts at the Porta Venezia Gardens. There is a Bikemi station right across from the entrance on Via dei Bastioni, where you can rent one of the trademark white and yellow two-wheelers (don’t forget to sign up with the service first). Once you have your wheels, go ahead and enter the park. Little waterfalls, ponds with footbridges and rock walls, linden, magnolia, willow and beech trees can all be encountered along the bicycle paths. Further ahead – concealed by Villa Reale - are the English gardens, where kids play and ducks, carp and even a few turtles populate the pond! Moving on along Via Senato towards Sforza Castle, you come to the decidedly “showier” entrance to Sempione Park. Amid fashionable cafés and outdoor artwork loom the Branca Tower, the Triennale and at the end, the Arch of Peace.


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