Dinner on a historic tram: ATMosfera creates the right atmosphere.
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A dinner with the Tram Ristorante ATMosfera allows you to enjoy a unique experience in the most exclusive mobile venue in the city!


Imagine combining the magic and beauty that fills Milan in the evening with the delight and emotion of riding  in timeless old Carelli carriages, not to mention the pleasure of savouring delicious food and sipping good wine.


You can enjoy all of this on ATMosfera1 and ATMosfera2, ATM’s two restaurant trams that allow you to enjoy an exclusive dinner in a unique environment where class, refinement, and elegance accompany you, both day and night, on your discovery of the charming city of Milan.


The colonial atmosphere that is reminiscent of the “Orient Express” is the ideal setting in which to enjoy lunch, a romantic dinner or a business meeting, tasting Milan’s traditional dishes, prepared by internationally renowned chefs.


Both trams offer three types of menus, Meat, Fish and Vegetarian, which include: entrée, first course, second course with a side dish, chef’s dessert  and coffee with sweets. 

There is also a bottle of mineral water and a bottle of wine for every two people and the latter can be chosen from a wine list.


The dishes are made with high-quality ingredients by chefs that work with passion and professionalism to ensure the best flavours and ambience.




Advance booking is compulsory. You can book via ATM online booking system (link on the right of this page). For amendments, cancellations and assistance only (if you wish to inform about food allergies or intolerances, for instance), you can also contact ATMosfera: 

1. by telephone, on ATM Infoline at +39 02 48607607 from Monday to Friday, 2pm to 7pm;
2. by emailing atmosfera@atm.it.

Bookings are taken up until daily availability is exhausted, up to 75 days in advance. The booking service opens halfway through each month for two months on (meaning bookings made between 45 and 75 days in advance). 

When booking you must give the name, surname and mobile number of a person who can be contacted regarding the meal, both in the days leading up to the meal as well as the day of the meal itself. We also ask you to choose the menu and wines – which can be modified up to four days before the date booked – and an email address to which we will send payment information. 

Any modifications or cancellations must be communicated by telephone at Infoline ATM 02 48607607 or email at atmosfera@atm.it. 

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